We strive to offer art materials that are not only high quality but also earth friendly. We now offer a wide variety of products that fit that goal.

They include:
- Recycled note and drawing pads (most are manufactured with a minimum of 30% post consumer waste)
- Spectrafix - a spray fixative made with non-toxic milk casein, formulated and time tested by Degas; great for fixing pastels- won't change your colors!
- Crayon Rocks- our popular soy wax crayons shaped like rocks, naturally pigmented in earth-friendly packaging
- Gamsol- odorless turpentine alternative
- Coccoina glue- non-toxic, acid free, almond-based glue in the original tin introduced in the 1930's and the newer liquid version
- Nori paste- made with rice starch is acid-free, repositionable, water soluble, and slow drying
- Glob Paints- Non-toxic, food grade powdered paints made from fruits, vegetables flowers and spices in attractive earth-friendly packaging