Traditional Japanese Papers
From one of New York Central's suppliers we carry a selection of traditional handmade and machine made Japanese papers including: Gampi, Kozuke, Tengu-jo Tissue, Oguni Kozo, Mitsumata Tissue, Seichosen Kozo Yotsuban, Kizuki Kozo, Kawairi Chiri, Unryu Kozo. We are open to suggestions and rolls are available for most types of these papers.

Silhouette Paper
Silhouette paper is perfect for detailed cutting and portrait profile tracing. Beautiful matte black finish is designed to create delicate mounted images. Black on one side, white on reverse. Sold individually in 20"x30" sheets.

Uart Sanded Pastel Paper
UART Pastel paper is the choice of many professional pastel, colored pencil, charcoal and water color artists. Its texture is ideal for pastel drawings where consistency is demanded. UART is beige in color as well as PH Neutral and Acid Free. It also holds up well to wet media. The paper is locally made by a company that's perfected the manufacture of sanded paper over the years. In stock: grade 320 is the roughest(closest to the former Wallis papers), grades 400 and 500 for a moderate bite, grade 600 for a fine bite and grade 800 for a super fine suede-like surface; in individual 24"x36" sheets and 10-packs of 9"x12" sheets.

Glassine Paper
A neutral pH, translucent white paper. Can be used as a slip sheet for storing artwork. Individual sheets, 24"x36" and rolls up to 60" in width.

Rives BFK Printmaking Paper
A smooth surface and light sizing makes this paper a favorite with printmakers working in practically every technique. Mold-made, 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered, the sheets have four deckled edges and a registered watermark. We stock 22"x30"and 30"x41" sheets.