Genuinely non-toxic fixative that protects and holds fragile pastels without changing their colors using pure milk casein! Also great for fixing pencil, charcoal and watercolor. Safe for use indoors or in the classroom. This recently-introduced product is based on a time proven formula used by Degas. It will change your mind about fixing your pastel work.
Uart Sanded Pastel Paper
UART Pastel paper is the choice of many professional pastel, colored pencil, charcoal and water color artists. Its texture is ideal for pastel drawings where consistency is demanded. UART is beige in color as well as PH Neutral and Acid Free. It also holds up well to wet media. The paper is locally made by a company that's perfected the manufacture of sanded paper over the years. In stock we carry grade 320 rough(like Wallis papers), grades 400 and 500 for a moderate bite, grade 600 for a fine bite and grade 800 for a super fine pastel application; in individual 24"x36" sheets and 10-packs of 9"x12" sheets.

Unison Pastels
From a converted coachhouse in Northumberland, England come Unison pastels. Led by the artist John Hersey, a small group of craftspersons mix the pigments by hand. Unison makes small batches of 100 to 200 pastels at a time. They hand-roll each individual stick and allow it to air-dry. This technique provides for one of the best finest pastels in the world. Unison Pastels...a work of art before you ever use them.
We were impressed by the quality of these pastels when we were comparing brands. Most pastel artists we talked to also has great experiences with these. We currently stock over 100 colors individually in the small size.

Pastel Sets
We carry sets of Nu-Pastels, vanGogh oil pastels and Sennelier oil pastels as well as sets of less expensive varieties of chalk pastels that are ideal for students and sidewalk chalk projects.