We carry a wide variety of mediums, oils and related materials. Currently we carry a full line of Winsor and Newton Artists' Colours and limited supplies of Gamblin Artists' Oils and full line of Gamblin 1980's student grade.


Created and developed by Jacob Ouillette in his New York City painting studio, East Coast Colors handcrafted artist oil paints combine old master ingenuity with modern technology.
Their unique processing of pigments ground in double refined aged walnut oil offers many special benefits: higher absorption rate (large pigment load); clarity of color; non-yellowing; even drying (less likely to wrinkle or crack); and UV protection.

The refining of the oil also enhances the drying and the handling properties of the paint. The oil gives the paint a good flow while, at the same time, the paint stays put and holds the stroke. Walnut oil based paints are completely compatible with other oil paints and drying oils including linseed, poppy, safflower and others.  Each pigment used has the highest permanency rating and is chosen for its natural beauty as well as its practical application. East Coast Colors adds a new and important dimension to the painter's palette.

Flemish White-Flemish White is a very tacky, full bodied paint. Known for its very long ropey qualities, it's like working with string cheese. Flemish White works great for areas that you want to leave brush strokes or texture. Rembrandt's self portraits are excellent examples of what you can do with Flemish white. Check out Gerardo's full size 8 foot high grisaille mural in our demo room in which only Ochuzzie's Flemish White and Graphite Black were used.

Graphite Black (in linseed oil)- Graphite is a opaque shimmery grey/black. Simply ground pencil lead suspended in oil. Literally a liquid oil pencil. Use straight out of the jar for a 7B pencil value shade, just add white to create a wide range of cool greys down to a 7H pencil. Graphite is a fast drier. Check out Gerardo's full size 8 foot high grisaille mural in our demo room in which only Ochuzzie's Flemish White and Graphite Black were used.

Charcoal Black (in linseed oil)- Charcoal is a semi-transparent black. Great for toning down areas to create subtle shadows within layers of paint. Used as an under drawing, Charcoal could create a true grisaille if laid down as blocks of tone. Charcoal could also be used for linear under drawing or thinned down as a wash for fast figurative drawings, because it has already been fused with oil, it will create a more stable ground under you painting. When white is added you get a range of cool greys. Charcoal is a fast drier.

Grisaille Set(Set of 3)- consists of 40ml tubes of Charcoal, Flake White & Graphite.

Cennini/Studio Products: ALL DISCONTINUED
*Studio Products/Cennini was sold a few years ago and they haven't resurfaced as yet. We only have a few items left in stock.

Optical White- OUT OF STOCK
Zinc white ground with hollow optically pure silicon nanospheres. This has been a recent breakthrough in paint making, with companies like Mercedes Benz applying the new nano-technology to produce paints that are brighter, deeper, richer and more resistant to surface damage. Rather than dull colors as they are lightened, Optical White keeps the color's intensity as they are raised in Value. There's nothing like it on the market! Check out our sample board at the shop comparing Permalba, zinc and optical whites. 50ml Studio tube.

Oil of Clove
A natural antioxidant, just add just a drop of Oil of Cloves to your paint to slow it from drying on your palette. And it makes the studio smell terrific to boot! 2oz. bottle.

Pre-Raphaelite Medium
The PreRaphaelite painters managed to achieve exceptional clarity of color and razor sharp detail with this medium. A historically accurate replication of the best of the mediums used by those painters. Colors stay bright, dries quickly and handles with smoothness and precision. 2oz.bottle.

Titanium Black Oil Primer- OUT OF STOCK
Formulated with nanospheres for much improved resistance to cracking, the use of this black oil insures a trouble-free surface. This primer is a bright white that dries to the touch over a weekend and cures quickly. Neither too absorbent- like acrylic primer- or too slick, the dried surface accepts paint beautifully. 16oz. can.

Cat's Eye Retouch Varnish- OUT OF STOCK
A faster-drying retouch and barrier varnish. Made from mata kucing (Cats Eye) resin, a fossilized damar from Indonesia, it is much harder and less sticky than the usual damar.

Ugly Dog Painters Safety Soap- OUT OF STOCK
Made with 100% linseed oil and de-ionized water. This soap attracts lead, cadmium and other hazardous metallic pollutants. It holds them in suspension to be rinsed away. This is not only good for oil painters but old house restorers and decorators (working with surfaces that have lead paint), gardeners, plumbers, mechanics, firefighters and shooters. Rub the soap into dry hands and scrub thoroughly. It will lighten in color as it comes in contact with dirt. Your skin will be clean and soft because this is a super-fatted soap.