Birch Wood Panels

See our large stock of cradled panels- starting at 4"x4" in many sizes- larger sizes including 30"x30", 36"x48", 40"x40", 48"x48", 40"x50", 30"x60", 48"x60", 50"x50". We also stock a variety of standard-sized uncradled 1/8" birch panels up to 18"x24". Competitive pricing. Top quality. No waiting.

Our wood art panels are the best crafted in the United States. If you paint on wood, we encourage you to compare quality and ask us about our competitive pricing. Baltic birch faced 1/8" 3-ply panels in all sizes(up to 60"x60"), cradled on Wisconsin basswood (7/8", 1.5" or 2") and uncradled. Larger cradled panels are braced with 8" corner braces and H or single middle braces. The workmanship is exceptional. We gladly take custom orders- delivery 10-15 business days as everything's made to order. Larger sizes- up to 48"x96"- can be ordered using 1/4" face. Please email or call for quote.

*WE NOW OFFER DROPSHIP CUSTOM ORDERS! (to continental US addresses only). Our prices are very competitive and can be ordered any size up to 60"x60"(1/8" facing) and up to 48"x96"(1/4"facing)- minimum 2 panels per size. (Shipping charges for larger panels shipped to a residential address usually range $150-$250- and would be same for up to 6-8 panels depending on size.) For estimates, please call (845-561-5552) or email us ( with quantity and size of panels, shipping zip code (please specify commercial or residential address).



1. Vacuum and wipe down all surfaces with tack cloth- or slightly damp dustless cloth.

2. Apply sealer to all surfaces, front and back. Most recommended sealers are Golden GAC100 Medium, Golden Gloss Medium(recommended by Golden as the best option), Gamblin PVA Sizing and Kilz(a commercial sealer available in hardware/paint stores.) If using Golden Gloss Medium, because it is thicker than GAC100 and Gamblin PVA Sizing, spread it as thinly as possible and sand lightly with very fine sandpaper(150 grade or finer) between coats. Use tack cloth(or damp cloth) after sanding each time. Two coats of sealer are recommended.

3. Apply primer to front surface. Painting over a sealed surface would work but best adherence will be with a gesso ground. Acrylic gesso is the best choice for wood surfaces. If you want the grain exposed, a clear gesso would work. There are also other grounds that Golden makes: Absorbent Ground, Ground for Pastels, Silverpoint Ground, Black Gesso, Fiber Paste. All of these should be applied similarly. 1-3 coats, lightly sanding-and wiping- between dried coats. 

Many of our customers also glue paper or canvas to the boards. The best glue to use is a PVA or EVA glue because it's acid free and archival(reversible). It introduces a solid experience to soft material.