Supply Chain USA

The pandemic and the worldwide supply chain mess that has resulted, got us thinking about the products we carry that are designed and manufactured in the US. Traditionally, art supplies have been equated with the rich European arts culture. That may still be true in some aspects, but many US companies have taken on the challenge to create innovative and exciting products with a commitment to quality and consistency.

Notable brands that we carry that are manufactured in the US are:
  • General Pencil
  • Gamblin
  • Golden (NY) (employee-owned)
  • Crayon Rocks (Woman-owned)
  • Chelsea Classical Studio (NY)
  • Bee Paper
  • Strathmore
  • Lineco
  • Tran
  • M.Graham&Co
  • Grafix
  • Artbin
  • Krylon
  • Amaco
  • Spectrafix (Woman-owned)
  • Old Wood Studios
  • Jacquard
  • R&F (NY)

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