Paper Rolls

Our paper offerings have grown over the past year.
This is a list of all the roll papers we currently stock:

Bee Paper:

Bogus Rough Sketch 70lb 36"x10yd
Cold Press Watercolor 90lb 30"x5yd
Co-Mo Sketch 80lb 18", 36", 48", 60" x 10yd
Super Deluxe Multi-Media 93lb 36"x5yd
Gateway Deluxe Tracing Vellum 68lb 36"x5yd


Artist Drawing Sketch 90lb 36", 48" x10yd
Glassine 25lb 12", 24", 36", 48", 60" x20yd; 48"x50yd


Oil Paper 140lb 51" x10yd
Lavis Fidelis Watercolor 280g 52" x10yd

Seth Cole:

Lightweight Sketch and Trace 8lb 24" x50yd
Yellow Lightweight Tracing 7lb 12", 18" x50yd

Art Kraft:

Black Duo-finish 50lb 48" x12ft


Lightweight Trace 8lb 6", 12" x50yd


Edge by Grafix Matte Extra Tack Frisket Film 24" x15yd
Edge by Grafix Matte Low Tack Frisket Film 24" x15yd

Traditional Japanese Paper:

Kosuke Ivory 65g 39.5" x11yd

Yasutomo: Variety of Rice Paper rolls

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