SpectraFix Degas Fixative

SpectraFix Non-toxic Fixative is made with casein, water and alcohol and is based on an old recipe used by French Impressionist painter, Edgar Degas. It seals and protects your artwork while leaving your colors brilliant, and best of all there are no toxic fumes or odors! Spray indoors and keep right on working at your easel without concern. Perfect for chemically-sensitive people. Dries quickly to an invisible matte finish and allows deep layering as well as providing extra traction on thickly layered, slippery media such as color pencil or oil pastel. Combines well with almost all media, and dries to a hard, water-resistant finish. Now available in the Flairosol bottle! 32oz refill in stock. Woman-owned business, USA.
Youtube review of spray fixatives.

SpectraFix Final Fix

No more framing under glass! Natural Glass FinalFix provides a lovely matte finish to your delicate media, and allows for damp cleaning and durable scuff-resistance. Non-yellowing formula is all-natural with no fumes and is completely workable. Combines well with all media and may be used as a FinalFix after SpectraFix Degas fixative, or throughout your painting process.
Youtube FinalFix demo.

Natural Glass Varnish and Painting Medium

Natural Glass Varnish and Painting Medium is a revolutionary new water-based BioPolymer varnish and painting medium made from nature's own pure ingredients. Fast drying to a water-resistant, semi-gloss film, Natural Glass works beautifully as a varnish or medium for all painting and drawing media, and on virtually all supports, including canvas, paper, Yupo, ceramic, stone, glass, leather, fabric (not washable) and more. It can be re-worked, painted over, layered or used as pouring medium.
Pastel and watercolor artists no longer need to frame their work under glass! No more annoying reflections and glare, concerns about breakage and expense,  Natural Glass makes shipping and hanging a show easy. Its lustrous surface adds depth to your colors while protecting from scratches and moisture. Pigment brilliance is preserved, you won't lose your highlights or dull your colors, in fact, pigments become even more luminous.
Like all SpectraFix products, Natural Glass is completely non-toxic with no irritating fumes, and can be used indoors.
Youtube Natural Glass Varnish demo.


Get your TRACTION back! InstaGrit can be applied by brush to precise areas in your colored pencil, graphite or pastel drawings which have become slick from heavy application and will no longer accept more media. Dries invisibly, but magically picks up color as soon as you pass your pencil over it. Works on most supports including all papers, panels, canvas etc. Use InstaGrit for detailed additions or corrections, it can be tinted with watercolor paint to provide a toned background. When applied on top of Natural Glass it permits intricate layering with pencil, pastel or other drawing media, which can then be fixed and sealed.
May be used with graphite pencil to create rich, dark blacks.. much blacker than you can normally achieve just by pressing harder.
Stir very well before using!
Totally non-toxic and natural, fully archival and compatible with all drawing media, including colored pencil, soft and oil pastels, charcoal, graphite and much more.
Youtube InstaGrit demo.

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