small shop BIG STUFF- All in Stock now!

Although our shop is small we carry some things that would be ludicrous to ship in small quantities but would seem too big to fit in our small space:

- 4ft x 8ft foamcore
- 40"x60" foamcore
- 40"x60" museum mounting board (currently warm white in stock)
- wood panels up to 60"x60" in stock!
- 30"x40" architectural modeling/chipboard

Traditional Japanese Papers Now in Stock!

We're now carrying a selection of traditional Japanese papers. A sample pack of the eleven papers we're starting with is available.

We are purchasing our stock from one of New York Central's distributors who's had decades of experience with these papers. If what you use isn't in stock we'd be glad to custom order for you. Many papers are also available in rolls.

We Stock & Special Order Wood Panels- Larger Panels Now in Stock

*See our large stock of cradled panels- including 20"x20", 30"x30", 36"x48" 40"x40", 40"x50", 50"x50", 60"x60"(all with 2" cradles). We also stock a wide variety of uncradled panels. Competitive pricing. Top quality. No shipping, no waiting.

Our wood art panels are the best crafted in the United States. If you paint on wood, we encourage you to compare quality and ask us about our competitive pricing. Baltic birch faced 1/8" 3-ply panels in all sizes, cradled on Wisconsin basswood (7/8",1.5" or 2") and uncradled. Larger cradled panels are braced with 8" corner braces and H or single middle braces. The workmanship is exceptional. We gladly take custom orders- delivery 4-6 business days as everything's made to order *We now offer drop shipments-call for details. Our prices are very competitive and can be ordered any size up to 60"x60"- minimum 2 panels per unstocked size.