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Introducing East Coast Colors- Handcrafted Artist Oil Colors!

More Colors NOW IN STOCK!
Including Genuine Flake White, Spanish White, 
Cadmium Maroon, Mars Violet, 
Cadmium Yellow Lt, Cadmium Green Lt, Cadmium Red Lt

Since opening our business in 2008 we've been searching for a handmade oil paint line to complement our Gamblin and Winsor&Newton colors. Now we're proud to introduce East Coast Colors...
Created and developed by Jacob Ouillette in his New York City painting studio, East Coast Colors handcrafted artist oil paints combine old master ingenuity with modern technology. The launch of the line introduces an exciting, distinct, new entrant into the marketplace of artist oil paint. 
The line includes rare, beautiful, and proprietary colors, such as Blue Ochre, Mineral Blue, American Umber, Genuine Verdigris, Ultramarine Green and Lemon Ochre. Their unique processing of pigments ground in double refined walnut oil offers many special benefits: higher absorption rate (large pigment load); clarity of color; non-yellowing; even drying (less likely to wrinkle or crack); and UV protection.
The refining of the oil also enhances the drying and the handling properties of the paint. The oil gives the paint a good flow while, at the same time, the paint stays put and holds the stroke. Walnut oil based paints are completely compatible with other oil paints and drying oils including linseed, poppy, safflower and others.  Each pigment used has the highest permanency rating and is chosen for its natural beauty as well as its practical application. East Coast Colors adds a new and important dimension to the painter's palette.
"It is my philosophy that craft in painting is everything that you do before the brush ever touches the canvas. In my own studio practice, color has been my main obsession and the reason I began making my own colors. I wanted pigment rich paints and colors that were not commercially available in tubes. I'm excited to be sharing East Coast Colors with my fellow painters around the world."

 Jacob Ouillette

We Stock & Special Order Wood Panels

*See our enlarged selection of cradled panels in stock- including square sizes- up to 36"x48". We also now stock a wide variety of uncradled panels. Competitive pricing. Top quality.

We've been carrying a stock of Old Wood Studio wood art panels since we opened, but we're now making special orders on a regular basis. If you paint on wood, compare quality and ask us about our competitive pricing. Old Wood Studio makes Baltic birch faced panels 1/8" thick in all sizes, cradled (on Wisconsin basswood) and uncradled. Larger cradled panels are braced with 8" corner braces and H or single middle braces. The workmanship is exceptional. Orders take about 7-10 business days as everything's made to order. Our prices are very competitive- we pretty much beat any price out there when you add shipping to other sources' prices- and you can get any custom size you want- minimum of 2 panels per size. We have a growing selection and larger samples at the shop. Maximum size: 60"x60". Note: all sizes over 16"x20"/15"x30" are 1/4" smaller on both sides- can be custom ordered to full size.

Our cradled wood panels are manufactured from select kiln-dried basswood for the cradled frame and fine sanded 1/8" 3-ply Baltic birch for the face. The kiln-dried hand-selected basswood is a very stable wood and has a non-directional grain which keeps the panel from warping. The 3-ply birch face is cross-banded which adds strength and stability and resists warping.

Artists have been painting on wood panels for centuries. Many old century paintings have survived because they were painted on wood. Wood panels are far less flexible than other surfaces, with virtually no movement that might crack the artwork over time. The firm consistent surface is perfect for smooth blending of colors, fine brushwork, and minute detail. Although priming is not necessary for some applications, the panels can be primed with gesso.

Crayon Rocks- IN THE NEWS!

In the November issue of Today's 13
"Therapeutic crayon rocks are environmentally friendly, too"

Although the demand for Crayon Rocks is now international- a demand that cannot be met from a garage- she (inventor Barbara Lee DaBoll) is not swayed by its success. Ever the teacher, her ultimate gratification is in the dotted I's and crossed T's- literally. And that impressed Michael Gabor and Gerardo Castro- co-owners of Newburgh Art Supply in Newburgh. As they researched innovative products- particularly those that are more environmentally friendly- they were intrigued by Crayon Rocks.*

"She invented these not to make money, but to solve a problem"*, says Gabor. "They're the only non-petroleum crayon that's affordable- and made in the United States." They carry the blue velvet treasure bag of eight, the attractive muslin bag of the 16 colors, a box of 64 pieces of Just Rocks- perfect for a classroom, and a special holiday box set of 20 rocks(including 4 special additional colors) in red or gold organza bags complete with a snowflake ornament for rubbing and a gift card.

*clarified quotes

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