The City of Newburgh was Featured in the April Chronogram but...

The real news is all the new products we've been getting in!

Golden SoFlat! We started carrying a few sets and they sold out. We started buying some individual bottles and they sold out too. So we now have the whole display and sets. These are matte acrylic paints that were made as opaque as possible and contain a leveler built in creating a consistent surface forgoing the need of surface-changing varnishes.

Permanent Solid Markers (by Sakura)- solid paint markers that work in high heat and the very cold. Permanent once dry. Can be removed from most non-porous surfaces using alcohol.

Our selection of Traditional Japanese Papers has doubled! We now offer 20 different papers, sized, unsized, hand-made, machine made; imported by the company that supplied New York Central. The beauty, strength and versatility of these papers is unlike any others. We have 8.5x11 sample packs for sale in the higher end and standard end so you can try them out. Also Origami Buffet- 75 sheets of delicious Origami papers- and Chiyogami Floral Collection packs.

Solid Tempura Paint KWIK STIX! These washable solid paint markers dry in 90 seconds and are safe for toddlers 18+months. Available in sets- including Jumbo, Neon, WonderStix and - and standard size in black individually. Although designed for children they are great mark-making tools for adults too. Water reactivates them. Works on windows, hair and face painting too!

Our Birch Wood- cradled on Wisconsin Basswood- Panel selection has never been larger. We have hundreds of panels in sizes from 4"x4" to 60"x60" cradled panels and almost everything in between. And if we don't have it, we can order it. Any size up to 60"x60" in cradle widths of 1.5" and 2"(and 7/8" for smaller panels). And 1/4" birch facing is available again for panels up to 48"x96" (all 1/4" panels need to be custom ordered.) Now offering custom "pouring panels" and customizable floater frames with removeable cradled wood panel. See samples in store.

Speedball Oil-Based Block Printing Inks We now carry the smaller tubes of all 6 colors.

And if you haven't see the Chronogram article HERE IT IS!

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