Revolutionary SPECTRAFIX Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil Fixative- Full Line Now in Stock!

We are one of the first stores anywhere to carry this full line of Spectrafix products!

The original Spectrafix came out about the time we opened 15 years ago. It was one of the unique products we were so pleased to introduce to our customers. This fixative is based on a formula used by Degas so it has stood the test of time, is all natural and non-toxic- and will not change the color of your work nearly as much as propellant fixers will. No need to frame your delicate pastel, charcoal and pencil work to protect them! It makes handling work less tedious and stressful. Taking this product to a new level is the bottle: the futuristic Flairosol spray bottle- refillable, no propellants, fine consistent continuous mist, spray at any angle, no leftover liquid. We stock this original formula in spray and refill.

We're excited to introduce the rest of the line: Final FIX, Natural Glass varnish and medium and InstaGrit. Click on the SpectraFix page above for more information and video demos of each of these products.

We are also carrying empty Flairosol bottles. See the sample in action in our store. And check out this cool video demonstrating this amazing new bottle that may make a dent in or eliminate the environmentally wasteful disposable metal can propellant market.

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