Gift Ideas*

Crayon Rocks
We have carried these since we opened the shop in 2008 and they continue to be a hit! Kids seem to gravitate to them. The shape and colors are inviting but there's much more. They are great tools to develop a grip necessary for good handwriting with pencils and pens. They are made with soy wax- as opposed to petroleum wax used for common crayons- and use natural pigments for their coloring. They are buttery in use and are also long lasting. (See our sample pack at the shop. It's the original one from more than 6 years ago and they look like they've hardly been used!) They don't break like common crayons and don't have paper that gets in the way. And they also have multiple surfaces for sharp lines and shading. We carry them in party favors of 4, sets of  8, 16 and 32 color sets in beautiful natural muslin bags, a classroom box of 4 sets of 16 colors, a Birthday gift box of 16 colors and a Holiday gift box of 20 colors.

Mercur Famous Paintings Erasers
Inspired by some of the greatest artists in the world, these versatile erasers not only enhance the artist’s toolkit, they’re also a work of art! The erasers are soft and smooth, ideal for any kind of surface and any graphite gradation. Crafted from a thermoplastic rubber composition, they’re flexible, durable and PVC-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free.

Mannequins, Manikins, Mannikins!
Everyone appreciates our selection of mannequins. We have a selection of male and female full body models, mini-manikins, left and right hands, and animals- giraffes, pigs, cats, dogs, crocodiles and dinosaurs.

O'Bon Bagasse Lined Hardbound Journals
These innovative journals feature 80 pages of lined paper made from bagasse (sugarcane pulp). The sugarcane fibers are collected from the leftover sugarcane "waste" from the sugar industry and made into paper that offers a smooth, bright, quality white surface that a pen can glide effortlessly over. These 6"x8" journals are hardbound and recycled card stock covers available in variety of bird feather colors.

Natural, organic t-shirts in small, medium, large, extra-large and 2xL. Printed in the City of Newburgh by Continental Screen Printing. Wear the symbol of creativity!

*Artists are usually very particular regarding brands and grades of the materials they use. Unless you know the specific brand and grade of the products- or unless they're beginners- we highly recommend gift certificates over buying actual materials as gifts for artists. We offer them in any denomination you wish, they don't expire- and you'll be helping us keep our store stocked and growing.